It’s been a very, very long time since I wrote a blogpost. In all honesty, finding the time has been a nightmare. Needless to say time is of the essence at the moment; a blessing in disguise on the writing front, I guess.


I think on a blogger front, it would be ignorant not to make the first post I write in months to regard the worldwide health pandemic, even though that in the bloggers stream there will be a huge abundance of posts talking about the dreaded C-word – CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19)

In years to come, this is going to be the centre of History lessons, featured in all forms of fiction, and still shaping the structure of our society. I think that’s what marks whats happening so poignantly; we’re living through history. Who would have so much have dreamt, for instance, come midnight on New Years Eve, we’d be cheering in a new year whereby everything by the end of March is shut, only key workers (who all deserve pay rises of at LEAST 50x what they’re currently on, by the way, but more on that later) allowed to go to work while the rest of us are government subsidised, if we’re lucky, and that leaving the house could potentially kill somebody else. I may have been pretty drunk when I saw in the new year, but even if I wasn’t I do not think I would have foresaw that.

I mean, more than anything else, everyone is fearful. You take your hour long walk, alone, as approved, and everybody does as requested and keeps a 2m distance. But everyone is scared of each other, and quite rightly so, as when, according to WHOthere are some people who show zero symptoms, while 1 in 6 people develop serious symptoms, including pneumonia, so it’s hard to tell who could give it to you, or if you’ll survive. It’s looking as though the predominant deaths are those with underlying health conditions… but not all the time, and I personally can’t see how that’s of any reassurance when every single person either has or has a loved one with an underlying health condition.

The death toll is announced everyday, and it reminds me, somewhat, of thee Hunger Games, when every 24 hours the Capitol plays the death recap, to the sound of the national anthem. A fictional series depicted in the future where society is barbaric and children killing each other is entertainment, reminds me of how things are now, oddly. Large amounts of deaths inevitable. Trust nobody; nobody is safe.

Of course, that is sinister. If we pull together, then this pandemic will come to an end. The pandemic itself has brought to light what truly is real in our society – the fact that our current key-workers – NHS staff, cleaners, supermarket workers, to name a few – are carrying the country, yet are underpaid and previously seen as ‘non-skilled workers’. I daresay that will never be said again.

It’s a time right now where we are holding those dear to us closer to our hearts than ever, and realising what and who it is that is dear to our hearts. Perhaps overlooked during the busy lives that we used to lead and taken advantage of. I don’t think it’s any coincidence that suddenly, the sun’s shining, and the weather clear. Finally, the environment is breathing.

Not that I think that this lockdown should be romanticised in anyway, either. It’s a very tricky one to write on, when on the one hand it’s sheer terror, and the on the other… bringing out the best in many people and things. I hope it carries on once things go back to normal – that is, as normal as they can do, with the economy and society essentially going to need a long time to recover.

For me, personally, it’s been nice to have time again. Time to write, time to organise and get my head straight. The book I thought would be lucky to have roughly finished by September could be released in less than a month. I’ve managed to go on a huge health kick, save money, and catch up on a lot of college work – as it’s now home learning for the foreseeable, and there’s something quite satisfying watching documentaries in my PJs instead of in a classroom, not in PJs. I’ve not washed my hair and drank a tonne of wine as well, so it all swings in roundabouts.

Basically, to conclude. Let’s all stay safe. Listen to the rules. Protect each other. Not push agenda’s of how best to spend lockdown, and keep in our minds the NHS, working tirelessly to win this battle against COVID-19, selflessly and courageously, leaving behind their families to help US. We will get through this.

Must say, knowing I won’t get judged for a glass of wine at 8am in the morning due to the severe irrelevance of order or time is certainly a silver lining.

Speak soon,


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