It’s taken a long, long time to do this, but here we are.

I have opened up my writing progress to the public!

I truly believe in the power of timing. I wrote with all my heart during my early upbringing, and read all my worries away. Throughout my teenage years, this became a far more serious endeavour, and looked well on my way to taking it further back at GCSE level. This didn’t happen as planned, but was still important, which I will explain later.

Timing is key, however. As I reached ‘sweet’ sixteen, things turned less than sweet, and my confidence took a dramatic fall. I barely took pen to paper, opened up a page, or started a new Word document. A long struggle with confidence and anxiety reached its precipice, and at that moment, I didn’t see the point in pursuing my passion. I think that everybody’s been in that position – where the one thing that brought joy only brought sadness.

My studies also took affect, and when I reached adulthood, I buried it all down and forgot it all.

The last four years I do not regret. It has certainly been tumultuous, and has certainly taught me many things, but how could I really forget writing? I never really did. I never spoke about this, or acted on this, as I thought it was ‘too late’. Timing might be key, but it isn’t fixed. And it isn’t too late.

One particular thought could not escape my mind. During Year 11 (aged 15) I had this idea for a book series. I was quite stunned at the time at what I’d created – not at all arrogantly, but it was the first time I identified as a writer.

This plot line has continued to evolve and develop in my mind, and I recently decided to act on it.

The Tale of Saffron Blacksmith

I won’t divulge too much, but draft 1 is happening now! I am back in college, studying an Access course to hopefully study English and Creative Writing at university, to study the craft as much as I can, but the book series closest to my heart is in production NOW. 

As well as this, I have lots of short story ideas, as well as posts on my progress, and my thoughts on various topics I’d like to share!

Looking forward to sharing more!

Molly (and thanks for reading!)

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